Six Elements for Success



Six Elements for Success

1 – Detection: Audit Findings

2 – Rescue: Operations & Damage Control

3 – Relief: Minimize Disruptions to Operations

4 – Recovery: Implement A Corrective Action Plan

5 – Prevention: Ongoing Risk Mitigation Program

6 – Governance: Continuous Monitoring Program

Peace of Mind In Three Easy Steps


Have an Engagement Meeting where a discussion about the operational challenges facing your HR or HCM program can be discussed with the top tier of our consulting cadre.


Execute an action plan in any of the six elements of programmatic success – Audit, Rescue, Relief, Recovery, Prevention, & Program Management.


Once the action plan is enacted successfully, this step ensures human resources is strengthening their relationship with management to support the mission. The effort here ensures any risks or exposures are identified, mitigated, and monitored in a feedback cycle that supports continuous improvement for the HR program.

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