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The Eight Principles Behind White Knight Services

1 Comprehensive: Consider and take into account all risks, phases, stakeholders and impacts relevant to DEU findings.

2 Progressive: Anticipate DE risks and take preventive and preparatory measures to build risk-mitigated and audit-compliant organizations.

3 Risk-driven: Use sound risk management principles (vulnerability identification, risk analysis, and impact analysis) in establishing new business processes, training HR practitioners, and allocating resources.

4 Integrated: Ensure unity of effort among all levels of the agency and all elements of the HCM community.

5 Collaborative: Create and sustain broad and sincere relationships among individuals and organizations to encourage trust, advocate a team atmosphere, build consensus, and facilitate communication.

6 Coordinated: Synchronize the activities of all relevant stakeholders to achieve a common purpose.

7 Flexible: Use creative and innovative approaches in solving audit challenges.

8 Professional: Value an expertise and knowledge-based approach based on education, training, experience, ethical practice, public stewardship and continuous improvement.

(Modeled After Dr. Wayne Blanchard’s Emergency Management Principles, FEMA)

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