Avue Cloud Complete Federal Human Capital Management Solution


Cloud Complete

The Avue flagship solution is a completely integrated suit of native Web modules that digitize, automate, optimize, track, monitor, and report on your agency’s most important workforce management processes — the Avue Platform meets ALL Cloud, Security, and HCM Requirements.

White Knight Services

Avue’s comprehensive White Knight Services exists to ensure that any risk to the human resources function is fully addressed, whether that is regulatory or legal compliance, audit readiness, skill development, operational support, or expert consulting.

FedRAMP Fortified

With Avue’s FedRAMP compliant system, security architecture and capabilities evolve to allow agencies to take advantage of our agile, resilient, and secure services. Privacy and confidentiality controls ensure data is protected from accidental disclosure and cyberattacks.


CPro Classification and Position Management provides the HR professional the ability to plan short and long-range, spend less time on transactions and more time on strategy, and provide organizational discipline when things get truly chaotic.





Fresh Take: Public Servant or Political Piñata?

Federal SoupOn Federal Soup, Fixation on Firing Feds: part one in a four-part series by Avue Technologies Corporation Co-CEO Linda Rix

The focus on firing federal employees is a pendulum that swings with political tides … much like outsourcing, pay-for-performance, and public-private pay parity. And when it comes to congressional interest in firing feds, nothing fuels the fire like agency scandals—GSA conferences, VA veteran appointment backlogs, IRS targeting conservative advocacy groups, Secret Service partiers. Hearings abound—and then, a cry for action. Read the Post

Fresh Take: Fire or retire … about those pension penalties

Federal SoupOn Federal Soup, Fixation on Firing Feds: part two in a four-part series by Avue Technologies Corporation Co-CEO Linda Rix

In January 2015, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, introduced the “Increasing VA Accountability to Veterans Act of 2015.” This bill, H.R. 473, would let the Department of Veterans Affairs reduce a Senior Executive Service employee’s pension if he or she is convicted of certain felonies. This would include in its sweep SES employees in the process of being fired as a result of a conviction, but who leave the VA before the firing action can take place. If the bill passes, it would introduce the first performance-based pension penalties. Read the Post




Certifications and Authority to Operate Provided by OPM, OMB, GSA, FedRAMP