Accelerate the Scheduling Process,
Improve Productivity


Avue Indigo Workforce SchedulingIndigo by Avue’s Schedule Stream for Workforce Scheduling (AWS) automates schedule management for organizations with teams of employees who perform shift work.

It reduces the time a manager needs to spend ensuring schedules are filled with qualified employees based on the demands for the day. AWS uses “bumping” to automatically fill schedules with employees based on their shift patterns, job qualifications or employee rankings.

In addition, AWS assists managers in performing other daily staffing requirements including booking employees off, finding replacements to meet qualification and overtime rules and performing mass changes quickly and easily. AWS is seamlessly integrated with Indigo by Avue’s Clock: Time & Leave (ATL), ensuring that all time scheduled can be easily tracked against actual employee time.

Schedule: Workforce Scheduling Highlights

Accelerates the scheduling process

  • Eliminates manual production of schedules
  • Automatically ensures that the best person is scheduled according to union rules, job qualifications, and availability

Improves Productivity

  • Enables managers to make staff changes quickly according to changing demand
  • Ensures employees with the right skills are scheduled
  • Ensures union and regulatory compliance
  • Ensures compliance with labor laws or union rules and avoids disputes
  • Ensures that only qualified employees are working
Feature Functionality

Define Staffing Requirements

  • Staffing requirements can be defined by team or area. Templates can be used to take advantage of re-use of staffing requirements due to seasonality/ events/ etc.

Automatically Fill the Schedule

  • Reconciles labor requirements with employee availability and scheduled absences.
  • Bumping algorithm automatically places employees into jobs based on labor demands
  • Placement uses configurable sorting criteria such as employee availability, qualifications, ranking, and seniority
  • More complex bumping options are available such as cross-shift bumping which bumps employees from other shift pools to meet qualification criteria

Daily Staffing Features

  • Ability to book employees off and record reason code
  • Use complex ‘bubble-bumping’ to re-shuffle employees into open positions that reflect importance of job as well as employee ranking
  • Use “quick find” pop-up to assist in finding employees to fill open positions based on overtime offered, accepted and refused and days worked
  • Provides phone number and ability to enter comment for employee being called in
  • Ability to perform mass changes to the schedule
  • Schedule compliance can be used as an option, to ensure no scheduling rules are being broken